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Jul 31, 2004

Draw the line.


I began to have drawn a line with a G pen since yesterday. This is the character of "Mr.Shit Otaku san".

Jul 30, 2004

The rough sketch of "the meat fly"


The rough sketch of "the meat fly" is drawn. This is the first page of "the meat fly". This was processed in "Adobe Photoshop".

Jul 21, 2004

Comic Market


Comic Market of summer will begin soon. It is August 15. I am doing the printing of the individual journal for Comic Market. "Black Alice" 24P. A medieval mystery story.

Jul 20, 2004

"meat fly"


New work comics "meat fly". The comics being drawn personally. 32P. Mystery comics.

Jul 19, 2004

Snail human being


The manuscript of the comics was completed. A tiny pattern.

Jul 18, 2004

A dirty room is seen!

Yesterday's work. I drew a background. A work is almost completed.

Jul 17, 2004

The continuation of yesterday's work


A rough sketch is drawn more. It is drawn with a pen from today. An image is taken in the personal computer after that. Then, Screentone is put by using "photoshop" in the image.

Jul 16, 2004

Yesterday's work.


Comics were drawn. They are the essay comics of 1P. A rough sketch was drawn. A comic strip to begin in the next month. These comics appear on the magazine for the woman.

Jul 11, 2004

"Mr.tickled baron"

This friend is a doubtful man.
He is the leader of the CATFIGHT group.

Jul 5, 2004

The middle age man who dances.

I have bought a pink T-shirt.
The color of it was beautiful.
But, when I tried to put it on, it didn't match it.

It is the medicine of the athlete's foot that I have in the hand.