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Jun 25, 2005

The art of the excrement

Breast! Breast!

I participated in the project of the artist of Sintarou Kago. It is the project of doing an art expression by using the excrement. I made the print of the excrement.

Cyako-san which she takes out excrement to.

Ms. T who is getting drunk and who is sleeping. She is a poet.

I who is getting drunk and who is sleeping in the rest room.


Cyako-san disappeared when I got up in the morning. Excrement was left on the refrigerator.

The calligraphy of Cyako-san.

I begin to make the print of the excrement.

I show fight. It is the spirit of Japan.

An eye is wrong.

I applied ink to the excrement.

This is a completed excrement work of art.