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Apr 27, 2011

Aiko and Darn Cat

Aiko and Darn Cat, originally uploaded by KandaMori.

Via Flickr:
He stands up and walks!

Heart warm comedy.

Aiko is a timid grade-schooler girl. Aiko's mama is an owner in the used bookstore. Aiko's mama has gotten a very ugly kitten. She says that she will keep this kitten.

However, this kitten is very a bad!The kitten plundered of Aiko's popsicle!The kitten ate the popsicle delicious. Aiko is very sad. In addition, the kitten does Aiko violence. The kitten drives out Aiko from the bed. Aiko is very cold.

Do your best Aiko! Win the kitten!

Language is English.
Genre: Comedy Comic
Pages: 18p
Author: Mori Kanda
Publisher: Hamster Books

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